Where to Download Cubase 9 ???

Ok, one of my clients just got me Cubase 9 Elements as a Christmas Present.
And he send me the key “code”.

Could anyone please help me with the new Cubase website, as it absolutely dumbbell layed out …
There’s no download button.


Dumbbell compared to what?


Thank for your answer, but there is still no link to where I can download “Cubase 9 Elements”.


You have the activation code, but no installation media?

Create an account at the My Steinberg website, then
Download the elicenser program: https://www.steinberg.net/en/company/technologies/elicenser.html

Once you run the elicenser control center you will be able to enter the activation code and download the license to your computer.

That done, the software will be available to download from your My Steinberg account.

Hi, I already have an account on “My Steinberg” as I have already bought Cubase.

I updated my eLicenser Control Centre and activated my new purchase of Cubase (that I got from a client), but I don’t know how to download it now from My Steinberg account site.

I’ve seen that you have a registration page, and once I click on it I have put the code copied from my “computer registration” for licenser, but once I paste it, it says “the eLiencer number has already been registered by another user.”

But it was registered by me 5 minutes ago.

I don’t know how to deal further on with this sorcery :smiley:.


Did you do this:

Hmmm first of all I must that my eLIcenser update its self to version and I see on your screen

Yes I did that but when I copy it on My Steinberg page it say that “the eLicenser number has been registered by another user.”
As did as you told me I first registered it through the program, so I guess there’s some error with the website.


Get the newest one for your OS at https://www.steinberg.net/en/company/technologies/elicenser.html

I can only suggest you log into your my steinberg account and take a screenshot like this, then I’ll know what you’re looking at exactly.

Ok, I updated to the latest version of the eLicenser.
I clicked the tab Registration->Register at MySteinberg it automatically opened a new tab with a number inside the Soft-eLicenser field. I click “Continue”.

But it shows me now that "There is no eLicenser with this number.

Sorry, without a screen shot of what you are seeing I can’t help.

Hi, I couldn’t upload the picture here, so I uploaded it on the first website I found on google.

And I must mention that now a day later, am getting a different message.

Presumably, this means you have another account in which you registered that soft-elicenser. Probably created back when you activated Cubase AI 5. (I suggest you edit your image to obscure your email address.)

Do you have access to old email addresses of yours from that era?

If that is not the case, you should email info@steinberg.de, or try contacting one of the moderators whose names are in blue. ( I am just an external moderator )

I won’t be able to divine what message that might be until you fly me over to your place and let me look at your computer screen. Or, post the message. :wink:

Ok, thanks for letting me know, I already delete that picture.

That is a very good statement, how do I know if my eLisence program is registered to my other “old” email?

As for the message, first day I was getting "“There is no eLicenser with this number.” but I didn’t screenshot it, and the second day it was “the eLicenser number has been registered by another user.”

Hm. That is a weird sequence of errors, but I can’t say what it means.

Do you have access to your old/previous email accounts? If so, try to log in, or to reset the password. If not, you will have to contact support, they will be able to use your licenser number to sort it out.
Sorry I can’t be of more help with the download- this is happening during the single month per year where there is no trial version available. (if a trial were available you could download that, and just use it with your current license.)

Just to make things clear, so If I technically ask someone to send me the “installation” file of steinbergs Cubase and I type in my key, it should be fine? Since now is that period of the year that you can access the trail versions.

(Presuming you meant not that period…)I you have access to the file someone downloaded from the SB website, yes. But note that without having access to your SB account you won’t get certain support options.