Where to download Cubase AI

Hi, I have installed the Steinberg Download Assistand and registred Cubase AI etc etc.
But, I can’t find Cubase AI anywhere to download in the Download Assistant?
If I look under the tab “Cubase” There is only Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist…
I have looked under other tabs as well… But I can’t see Cubase AI anywhere…

Is maybe Cubase AI called something else?
Many thanks for you help

It’s solved no need for help anymore :slight_smile:

Just me and mondays… :wink:

Can you please tell me how you solved this issue? I am facing the same issue.

I purchased a new UR22C audio interface which came with a “free download access code” for Cubase AI .
When I went to www.steinberg.net/getcubaseai to download it, I was led to a series of access codes, elicense numbers, and activation codes :open_mouth: :unamused:. The sad part is- after all this torture, I still couldn’t find a place to download cubase AI! I see the links for cubase pro 11 and others, but not cubase AI :neutral_face:. Can you please help?