where to find cubase 9 32bit installer

I have cubase 9 on my main pc and I want to install it on my laptop as well by using the same usb licenser. The thing is my laptop uses 32bit windows as opposed to the 64 version found on my main pc, and at MySteinberg I can dowload only the 10gb 64bit cubase 9. Where can I find the 32bit version? Should I install it from my cubase 7 dvd and then upgrade to 9?If yes, do I have to register again?Is there a chance that this will screw up my licenses?

You can’t.
Cubase 9 is 64bit only.

You can ask for a full 8.5 32 bit installation link for download. No registering needed works with C9 dongle.

dahhh haha I forgot it’s only 64bit. Thanks for the replies!!