Where to install 3rd party VST FX?


I’ve just udgraded from Cubase 9 to Cubase 10 and I’m wondering where would be the best place to install 3rd party VST fx plugins? I would like to create different folders for different types of VST fx plugins.

If they are not VST3 - whereever you like.

Why? It creates extra work (both to create & maintain) and there is no real benefit of dividing them up by type.

You’ll need to create multiple paths in Cubase’s Plug-in Manager pointing to each location. Most 3rd party installers pick a reasonable location to put the .dll files - but not always, so verify but lean towards using the installers default. Why? So that next time when you forget your custom location and install updates you end up with 2 versions of the almost-the-same plugs and other similar problems. And as svennilenni points out VST3 is gonna go where it wants so you are only messing with the VST2. Really the simpler you can keep your installation the less chance you’ll create problems.

The place to organize your plug-ins is in the Plug-in Manager not the the computer’s OS.