Where to post?

I’m brand new to cubase … have version 4.0.1 … was a gift several years ago and now I really want to get going with it. Is there a forum for newbie questions? Looked at some of the posts here … seem a bit advanced for me!! :open_mouth:

Don’t be afraid to post a simple question. You might run into a few “know-it-all-A-holes” and "RTFM"s here and there but for the most part this seems to be a fairly nice place.

However, you should read the manual and do as much research on your own as possible before asking for help.

It has been mentioned that there should be a “newbie” section and I don’t think it is such a bad idea, but it would be hard to do. A “newbie” question for one person might still be way over the head of another. And you would need a “newbie” sub-forum for every existing forum. Too confusing.

Just be sure to list your system specs either in your attached signature or in the post itself so people have a starting point to work from. There are many advanced users around here who don’t seem to mind helping out with the basics.

And if you do encounter an A-hole just ignore him. Someone else is sure to help.

We all have to start somewhere.

Welcome :smiley:
I’d say post away, like Scab said there’s enough nice people on here who’re willing to help.