Where to purchase your Cubase 7 tutorials?

Hi Steinberg

So I’m trying to purchase the Cubase 7 tutorials from your website.
I get to this page here:

But there’s no purchase button or option? So how/where can I buy these tutorials?
Thanks, Laurel Moore at www.moorethanart.com

Only tutorial I can see for purchase is https://www.steinberg.net/en/shop/accessories/alan_parsons_tutorial_dvds.html

Hope this helps

Thanks for the link Quintt
But I do specifically want Cubase 7 rather than a general music production tutorials.

there are lots of videos on the Steinberg site for Cubase 7 - the hub will take you there. They’re all free. You can download them
Also lots of You Tube of varying quality - you can download these with something like KiBase
Groove 3 do a good range of videos for Cubase 7 too, especially for beginners - reasonable price too


That Groove 3 looks great thanks Neil. When I did a google search for some reason it didn’t come up. There were just other options which were all unavailable to purchase.
What is the ‘hub’ and how do I get to it? Thanks, Laurel

Hi Laurel.
One thing that helps here is to include a list of your gear under your sig (see mine for example). Then other users can answer your questions better, knowing what version of Cubase etc you’re using. Just a tip.
Groove 3 -
The groove 3 videos are good. Let’s put it this way - I’ve been a Cubase user for donkeys years but upgraded having missed out on several versions. Now Steinberg versions are flash - showing off their great product and sometimes have expectations of the viewer. with Groove 3, particularly Mark Struthers, they’re somewhat simpler (he’s so typically English!!) but for me, they helped to ease me into the upgrades easily. I find them very useful.

Re the Hub - Steinberg Hub should be one of the options on the Cubase menus along the top of the screen. Gives you access to videos, shop & much more. Not sure if it’s on all versions of Cubase (elements for instance) hence my opening lines.
Hope that helps.
One final thought - Groove 3 Cubase Midi Explained is pretty poor unless you’re a real beginner to midi & music.

Hello Laurel,
The Tutorials you refer to are excellent. I have them myself, but must admit I cannot see how one goes about getting them any more, there doesn’t appear to be a purchasing possibility.

Having said that, I can say that the free Getting started Videos (for Cubase 8) are basically the same (perhaps that’s why they’re no longer for sale). Watch the introductory video for the SWA however (link below) as it has a section about 6:25 describing terminology which I feel is a pity is not included in the getting started tutorials - a pity because it’s so rudimentary, yet incredibly important to understand how Cubase works.

Try this link for the Steinberg ones and then download with something like KiBase


These links are great thanks.
Also that groove 3 is the missing ‘link’ I’ve been looking for so many softwares. For some reason I hadn’t come across Groove 3 before but its an amazing site.
I was also limiting my search to Cubase 7, which as pointed out I don’t really need to do. Even Cubase 6 will probably broaden my knowledge base.

Thanks again, L