Where to put additional content downloaded to downloads folder

I’ve just got a new computer and downloaded Cubase Elements 10.5 via the Steinberg Download assistant and reactivated it, There is the additional content folder sitting in my downloads folder with the VST sound folder in there. Where should this go on windows? Also the Simon Philips Jazz Kit has downloaded to the Downloads folder too. Should I just transfer this content in the VST Sound folder in program files or another folder? Any help would be really appreciated as I always find the download stage a bit tricky. I want to start using Cubase again as I haven’t used it since my old computer crashed .

I’ve also just discovered its put FX Chain Presets, Groove Agent SE and Strip Presets folders in one Folder called Steinberg in my documents . Also in my documents there’s a VST3 Presets Folder. Crikey!

You can put the content wherever you like or have room. Just make sure to use Steinberg Library Manager to move it around. Lots of folks like to put their content on a dedicated SSD disk(s) for performance reasons. Similarly avoid putting content on your system disk if possible.

The reason to be concerned with where the content is located is because it’s a lot of data. But stuff like presets are small files without performance concerns - so it’s best to just leave it where Cubase puts it.

Thanks. How do I use the Steinberg library manager to move files around?

I had a look at the library manager and see now in that it’s possible to move content. What I don’t see is how I would move this Additional content folder out of my downloads folder? Also I don’t know where I should move it to.
I did an uninstall and reinstall and I still have a Steinberg Folder in my documents with folders - FX Chain Presets which is empty, Groove Agent which has a folder called decompose in it and an empty Strip Presets Folder. I’ve also got a folder VST3 Presets with other folders in that. I would prefer not to have them in my documents so where could they go?

I usually can download software for other programs and its sorted straight away no problems. When I ordered my new computer I was thinking of upgrading to Artist but thought I’d see how this install went first. So I’m glad I waited as I waste so much time with it. Any advice?

If you installed everything you can safely delete everything from the downloads folder.

Unless you want to keep it for backup.

HI it’s in my downloads folder and being read from there I think. So I’m sure if I can delete it. Where should it go to within program files if I move it. I’m a bit lost with this.

This is getting a bit confusing.

If by additional content you mean the vstsound files then yes, you need them. When you register them with Library Manager you get options to register them in default location, specific location, or in place. Registering in place is not recommended. But apart from that you can put them wherever you like. I have mine on different drive.
(I wouldn’t put them in Program Files)

Once this is done, anything left in your downloads folder is not needed anymore.

It is a bit confusing. Ok so if I don’t have a different drive where on my computer would it be suitable to store these .

Create a folder anywhere you like and put them in there. Use Library Manager to move them.

ok thanks I will try that

Well I think I’ve made progress. I set up a new folder and moved the content from the downloads folder with the library manager. I then downloaded a Simon Philips kit to my downloads folder. I didn’t realise that I could double click one of the sounds files and the library manager opened and I could move it to the new folder I had created.
I’ve just downloaded Ambient lounge sound set but it doesn’t show up in the right zone for some reason.