where to put Sound Set HSB in Halion SE 3

I’ve got Halion SE 3 on Cubase 9.5 Artist, on my Mac
I downloaded HALion 3 Sound Set 1.hsb from Steinberg’s website but I can’t find where to load it on Halion.

I read on Steinberg page this:

Open HALion 3 and switch to the “BROWSER” view.
In the directory tree to the left right-click on “Halion Content” and select “Locate HALion Content…” from the context menu.
In the newly opened dialog window navigate to the folder in which you’ve stored the content before. Select all files and click on “Open”.

But I cannot find where to switch to the browser view neither find “Halion Content”
can anyone help me?

I might be mistaken, but I don’t think it is possible to import HSB into Sonic SE.

One can import it into HALion 6 for sure, possibly Sonic 3, but not the SE variation.