Where to sell two Nuendo licenses and which price?

I wish to sell my Nuendo 7.1 + NEK and my Nuendo 6.5 + NEK licenses to later change them for two Cubase 8.5 licenses, due I do not need the new features. Knowing all the procedure for sell the licenses, and knowing I need to send the eLicenser dongle, I ask for your advice to know where to advertise them and which price could be adequate.

Thanks in advance

first, depends on where you are, when you not focus on an international-wide seller like ebay.

In Spain, but I mean if this is the correct site to advertise it or gearslutz or…

Thomann got also little seller-views, when a private user wants to sell his stuff, and i think it´s possible from spain, too.

You can use this forum, and Gearslutz is okay. I sold a software license there. Ebay probably is your best bet though, since it has the larger audience and affords protection to buyer and seller.

You can experiment with pricing there if you use the fixed price format.

Many thanks Steven. I will post it now.