Where's Bandersnatch?

I see the last post from him was about a year ago… I seem to recall when we were at Lenny Lee’s him saying he was going back to Europe?

Damn, now I cannot get that movie out of my head, going to have to watch the BluRay again. :laughing:

There’s lots if MIA folks lately.

Last time I was with him, a bunch of us were jamming in an open-air pavilion on the beach outside of Boston. Uwe called us from Bayern Germany that day, and we passed the phone around the table (Jeff, Mark, Misha, Geoff, Mrs. Geoff, Tony and friend) whilst dining on fresh seafood. Twas a great day.

For me,
The excess negativity and fighting amongst members turn me away so I rarely bother contributing anymore. I do visit occasionally.

Is someone connected to Bandersnatch in social media?

Hi everyone! (From one of the MIA’s) :slight_smile:

Felix has emailed me songs he’s working on occasionally over the last few years.
Last time was a couple of months ago. He also came out to see me at one of my gigs last year.
As far as I know, Doug, he’s still around.
I’ll pm you his email address if you’d like to get in touch with him. I don’t think he’s on FB.

Hi Lenny, How ya been?

Mauri :slight_smile:.

Momma says everyone is on antisocial media. It’s not like it used to be.

I’m not, but I occasionally hack into my wife’s FooBook :smiley:.

Pretty good, Mauri. Been playing out a lot for a couple of years now - after a 10 year hiatus from live playing.
It feels good to be back out there! :sunglasses:
How have you been?

Hi, Lenny,

I’m ok for an old geezer, playing occasional live gigs in a Texas style blues/rock band , IMO that’s where it’s really at for a muso. Enjoying it immensely too! 'Glad to hear you’re doing that also :slight_smile:.

Doodling around most of the time with Cubase, I have quite a few, maybe 12 or so unfinished tunes on the burner but gutar parts are still giving me grief… :frowning: .

Take care mate,


I regularly hook into my momma’s foobook. She loves my ironclad construction skills!! :smiley:


Hi Doug:

I 'm alive and well thank you very much. I rarely visit the the forum as you have noticed so what a surprise to see someone actually looking for me? It was an absolute pleasure to meet you (and the rest of the MIA’s) at Lenny’s house so many years ago now it seems. My job keeps me so busy that I don’t have time even to find a new job with better hours. On the other hand it’s better to be too busy than being unemployed I guess.

Once in a blue moon I play with my guitar and record some riffs but never to the point I can feel it’s worth posting.

On the other hand my 17 year old son plays the electric guitar (and bass and drums) and is planning to combine business and music as a career.

Here is a link to two songs he posted in soundcloud.


Hi, the Boston meet was lots of fun. I really miss those meets.

But , life goes on.

Hi Lenny

I missed that gig you told me about the guitar player that was a member of a band called 3. Did you do that gig already?

Hi to everyone else

Woodcrest Studio
Hi Thomas My son lives around and hour and 15 minutes from your studio. Maybe we can meet one of these days and check out your studio.

Again thanks to everyone.


Hi Felix,

Good to hear you’re OK.
It’s a shame though that you don’t have much time for music…
I hope things improve in the future.

All the best,

Absolutely Felix. Would love to have you and your son by. :mrgreen: