Where's the Channel Strip?

Hey everybody, I just upgraded to Cubase Artist 7.
I’m trying to find the excellent DSP Channel Strip that I used on my old AI6 Cubase.
I used it for monitoring with a touch of reverb and comp with vocals before.
Now I can’t seem to find how to access that strip in the new MIX (e) window on Artists 7.
I just recently downloaded the new updates and was also looking forward to those guitar amp modelers etc…
What am I missing?

I have the same doubt, I installed the updates today, but I can find chanel strip in Cubase AI7, I did found the guitar amp plugins, but not the chanel strip, also I´m wondering if I can use the guitar amp plugins in other daws like Samplitude? If they doesn´t appear in the dspMixFx software I can´t use it with any other software but Cubase?

Rikeltrik, I found the channelstrip(DSPmxfx) used for monitoring.
I believe it can only be accessed through the mixing console.
Open up the “racks” button and click on “hardware” or “devices”.
The DSP strip is only accessed through the Stereo Input Channel on the mixer.
It is found way up on the mixing console under “hardware” above eq, strip, inserts, pre etc…
I hope this helps.