Where's the control panel for UR22 mk2 on Win 10?


I just purchased and installed the UR22 mk2 on a Windows 10 laptop. I installed the latest driver and firmware from the web site. Although I’m pretty sure I followed the instructions in the manual correctly I am unable to find the control panel (docs refer to it as the window) for the device.

Does anybody know how to bring up the control panel for the UR22 mk2 in Windows 10? I can’t even find where it’s installed. I searched the forum but didn’t see anything relevant.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Personally, I bring it up from Cubase. Open Cubase and go to Devices, Device Setup, and select the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver on the left (under VST Audio System), then click Control Panel.

Or in the operating system you could use Control Panel” → “Hardware and Sound” or “Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices” → “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver”

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply. I’m not using Cubase so wasn’t able to go that direction. I did follow the directions you posted on how to bring it up but these instructions, which asre also in the docs, are for previous versions of Windows, not Windows 10.

I can find what I’m pretty sure is the driver in various locations within Windows 10 settings but this only brings up driver information and not the ur22 control panel. Also for what it’s worth, the driver name in windows 10 is just “Steinberg” as opposed to “Yamaha Steinberg”, so that’s another difference with the documentation.

Is there something that needs to be installed to get the ur22 control panel other than the driver from the support page? I was not able to do the install from the CD (no CD drive) so I did the install off of driver 1.9.9 found on the web site.

Problem solved. What I was missing was that in Windows 10 you have to bring up the old Windows control panel. The UR22 control window is not accessible from Windows 10 settings (their replacement for the old control panel apparently).

If anyone else runs into this issue you can bring up the old-style control panel in Windows 10 by either right-clicking on the Windows Start button and selecting “control panel” or by opening the Start menu and typing “control panel” into the search box. Once you bring up the old Windows control panel the instructions are exactly as written in the documentation.

tldr; Don’t use Windows 10 settings, bring up the old control panel.

Thanks for your help!

I know this is an old thread and all that… but I had this issues also for quite some time now…
Since the newest update from Microsoft, it gets harder and harder to access the old control panel that has every function.
I am using Windows 10 Pro Version 1903 and installed it on the 9th of June 2019.
The right-click function now stopped working too. You get directed to the new control panel that way.

One of the few methods that are left is the second one that you mention:

  1. Press the windows button on your keyboard or click on the downer-left Windows symbol.
  2. Search for the “control panel” and I highly suggest you right-click on there and “add it to the start menu” so you can
    access it faster that way in the future.
    Or you make it overkill-style and switch your casual Windows version to the god-mod version.