Where's the DDP Player to send it to the clients?


…for Windows and for Mac?


It was not an answer from me :wink:
I just wanted to enhance your question.

On Mac the player is installed automagically, but would be good if you can distribute the DDP with both players (Win AND Mac!) in case the client runs on a different platform…
Would be bad to download the installer for 2 platforms and extract the DDP player from both… :frowning:

It’s in the Additional Content folder in the 9.5 installer.

Does seem odd that a Wavelab Windows user has to download the full 9.5 Mac installer (after downloading the Mac Steinberg Download Assistant) to get the Mac DDP Installer that they’re going to need to send to the client along with the Win DDP installer.

And vice versa.

I think the Player is an Helloween-Gift (-Joke?) for free and is it not finished yet.

For my clients I use the Hofa DDP Payer Maker.

That is how it has to be done. O.K. it is not for free (70 Euro). But it works perfectly and the Player (both Mac/Win) is in the DDP integrated. You only sent the DDP-Folder to your client and he can directly start the Player without installing anything. And he can also burn a CD to check it everywhere.
Very comfortable!
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I agree it really does need the added features to be used instead of the others, but mostly, is it too late to include both DDP installers in both the Win and Mac Wavelab 9.5 installers? If you don’t have a Win and a Mac computer, you can’t even get both DDP installers to send to clients.

So how do you get both installers? You always need to send both installers.

Yes, the DDP Player seems to have fallen short. The GUI actually pretty nice but without ability to burn a CD, or export each track as WAV, that is a bit of a show stopper right there.

This, combined with the seemingly not smooth/clear way to send your clients both a Mac and PC version of the player makes it not ready for professional use.

I don’t see it replacing the great HOFA DDP Player Maker anytime soon. Everything about that app is perfect and maybe something Steinberg didn’t think about is that sometimes different people involved with the same project are on both Mac or PC, not just one platform. HOFA and Sonoris have Mac and PC versions for clients to choose from, and Sonoris also has an iOS app (but no Android yet). I find that many younger clients don’t even have a Mac or PC and live on the phone or iPad which is something for all DDP Player companies to think about ASAP.

We don’t have time to ask ahead of time what people need for a DDP Player (Mac or PC), we need to just send them the download link, instructions, and they can work with either the Mac or PC version as they choose.

I guess the DDP Player app is better than nothing for some casual users but it’s not really for every day professional use, yet.

There should be a unified Mac/Windows installer for the DDP player, is next minor update.

Thanks PG.
Still in November?

Yes, end of…

+1 to everything Paquito says here and everything Justin says. Really it needs to do everything the Hofa Player Maker does to justify sending it to clients imo:

Standalone executable run, with no install,for Mac and Win. Players saved to DDP folder.
Burn CD (selectable yes or no when making the player)
Make Files (selectable yes or no when making the player)
Player associated with the specific DDP you’re making it for.


And Justin has a good point about mobile for the future.

Or the client can buy the Hofa player for $14 to do the same thing (although that does require install). But that’s how affordable this has become.

Is there a unified installer yet? I don’t see it, or how to get it.

Me neither. I don’t think it’s available yet.

Any news about the DDP Player?
Where can I download a Mac-Installer for Mac-Clients (I’m on Windows)?
PG, please…


The DDP Player will be updated in WaveLab 9.5.20 that should appear by the end of the month.

Hello friends, any news on the DDP player installer? its march already and I could’nt find anything on the website

You have to run the Wavelab Pro 9.5.20 Update. That will update the DDP Player that’s installed on your computer, as you’ll see in the install dialogs. There is no separate DDP Player update installer.

There have been 3 DDP Player versions. 1.0.0, 1.0.10, 1.0.20. Check which version you’re using in the DDP Player About menu.

Running the original DDP Player 1.0.0 installer (which is still the only DDP Player installer we have to send to clients I believe, correct me if I’m wrong) offers a Check For Updates option in the install, but it doesn’t see the 1.0.20 update here, and the 1.0.10 update it does see doesn’t install correctly on Windows 10 for me (the installer says it’s installed, but the Player “About” says otherwise). I think Steinberg might need to check that, or correct me on that, but I can’t get it to update this way on two Windows 10 computers here, so unless it’s just me, the client can’t install the latest version either.