where's the fullscreen option?

just bought Cubase Artist 7 & i was under the impression that it would make use of the Full Screen option in OSX 10.8

where is it? will it be there in an update?


I think he meant in Cubase 7, not Safari.

yeah i posted that pic myself to point out what kind of fullscreen i mean.

i expected to find a fullscreen button like that in Cubase 7 but it’s not there. Still Steinberg is promoting it’s new mixerconsole as ‘‘full screen capaple’’ which is confusing if it’s not TRULY full screen. is there another way to get it fully fullscreen? (without the dock & finder bar, just Cubase)

Same question here - but on the Windows side…

windows key + up arrow ?

Easiest way to find out: Search the docs for “full screen” :wink:

However, it says that you can enable full screen for the Mixer when using more than one monitor only!
To select on which monitor to display the mixer in full screen mode, open the context menu of the mixers tool bar.
To bring it back to window view, open the toolbar context menu again an deselect the monitor.


I dont know anything about the macintosh computers. in Win8, i am able to maximize the screen as normal. Hit F3 to bring up the mix desk. right-click with your computer mouse in an empty space on the mix desk display. there should be a full screen option for each of your computer display screens.

i have heard a rumour that macintosh computers have not invented the computer mouse that has more than the left clicking button, but that could be a problem

From a thread Pg4



I’m not aware of ANY computer inventing a computer mouse, but rather suspect the inventor was indeed human. Right clicking using the Mac mouse on my Mac Pro works as expected.

No - you sure don’'t :laughing:

It is gone at the moment. Hopfully it will come back with the next servicerelease

I found it. when you have 2 screens connected you can fullscreen (only) the mixer.

ONLY when you have 2 screen though. not when you have one big screen.

Cubase seems to be optimized for 2 screens. oldskool way of thinking, which doesn’t really make sense.
it’s actually better to have ONE screen when mixing, so you don’t have to turn your head, which alters your hearing.

I guess I’ll be using the old Exposé to switch between Arrange / Console view. but I’m kinda disappointed because I thought Cubase would be optimized for Fullscreen. confusing marketing on Steinberg’s side

If you are mixing, wouldn’t you be looking at the screen with the mixer on it?


Since this is the first Google result, I’ll add that this feature was removed in Cubase 8.