Where's the good documentation?

I’m new to Cubase, and finding the documentation laughable. Example:

Automation Tracks
Most of the tracks in your project have automation tracks, one for each automated parameter.
To show automation tracks, open them.
(The complete content of steinberg.help/cubase_pro/v13/en/cubase_nuendo/topics/automation/automation_automation_tracks_c.html )

You’re kidding, right? No description of where the open button or menu item is? Or how you open more than one automation lane on a track? (I spent a lot of fruitless time on that one.)

The videos are better, but they move through features with lightning speed, and being hosted on YouTube there’s not a move forward/back by 10 secs. control.

This is the documentation for the vaunted Cubase that I’ve looked up to for years? Where’s the good stuff?

When you open the link you’ve just posted, we get here:


We need to scroll to the place that we see the red text.

Now, if we click on the down-arrow left to the red text, we see the sections involved.

So, we have this:


Clicking on the first option gives this one, which is the one you probably want:


I can’t say I’m a fan of Steinberg’s user manuals, but you’ve made poor effort here it would seem.

How about just advancing to the next page?

Use your keyboard left/right arrow keys for +/- 5 second jumps.



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