Where's the Mono Button?

So…where’s the Master Section mono button? Been using WL7 for a month now, and I can’t find it. :confused:

There it is! :wink:scroll down at the bottom of the left hand side
Mono Button.JPG

I don’t see a mono button?

Luck, Arjan

Hi Arjan

you can READ MONO ,Unverknüpft, Spitzenpegel-Reset !just klick MONO and you see a button before it’s an
invisibl button

You need to scroll down the image in his post. It is the word mono, you click on it and the backgound changes colour.

Ha ha, thanks, guys! Wow, that’s hard to see. Sometimes I think Steinberg has it out for mono buttons…

Thanks again!! :smiley:

I see; the text ‘mono’ becomes a button, when hovering over it… Thanks.

Luck, Arjan

This are the little things what I mean with “not intuitive” Version of WLab (in a other Topic) …

I would agree: highly unintuitive. But thank dog it’s there!!