Wheres the "replace audio in video" function??

Hello folks,

The “replace audio in video” function is gone in Nuendo 8!

I remember using it in Cubase 8 and in Nuendo 7, but now its not there on the “file” menu.

Why?? Did they move it somewhere else? or did they remove it?

What a bummer…

It’s been removed. They have changed the video engine. The new one doesn’t have this function yet.


In the future, this feature will be replaced with the ability to render videos with your audio.

In the future, all features will be replaced, with something else! :smiley:

Do you know how soon is this future you talk about?

I really need this function for mock up delivery…

Steinberg dedicates resources to razzle dazzle new stuff in every version, but sometimes leaves aside some important “invisible functions” like this one.

How inconvenient. :frowning:

For an alternative, please see: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=729232#p729232

Thanks Steve! I´m teaching a Nuendo course so I´m trying to keep everything within Nuendo. I really hope Steinberg chooses to bring this feature back.

Wont hold my breath tho.


They have said they will, but yes, holding your breath might be counterproductive, since the daw operator does needs to be alive. :wink:

I inquired about this very thing in another thread, and Timo said this feature will be added in Nuendo 9. There was no mention of wether it would be a similar “replace audio in video”, or rather if it would follow what other modern DAWs do and create a new clip with audio, which would allow you to just bounce a specified section of the video with audio, and it would create a new clip (as opposed to having to do the entire video).

That sounds promissing!

May the gods make your words true.

In the past it was just using the functionality of the Quicktime 7 player. Since it has been discontinued the function is gone with it. If you have Quicktime Pro 7 you can still replace audio in a file and re-save it.

I see, ok then thanks