Wheres VST Connect SE's user manual?

Hello folks,

I need VST Connect SE’s manual. I could not find it in the following locations:

  1. Cubase’s documentation folder in my computer
  2. Steinberg.net’s user manuals section for Cubase Pro 9
  3. Steinberg.help
  4. This forum

The Operation Manual says there are several documents and it informs that VST Connect SE has its own manual, but I can´t find it anywhere.

Where is it?



Strangely enough it’s not included in the Cubase 9 documentation but it was, and actually a newer version than above, in the 8.5 package. (See below)


The latest version 4 is here:


Thank you Nickeldome

So VST Connect is exactly the same in both Cubase 8 and 9?