Which Advanced Cubase techniques to use for music production?

What advanced Cubase techniques and creative approaches do you employ to achieve unique and polished soundscapes in your music production? I need your advices.


That’s quite a wide open question. What do you consider “Cubase techniques” and “creative approaches?”

Just a wild guess would be heavy use of the Logical Editor integrated with macros and workspaces and controlled by Metagrid.

Cubase is loaded with more features than any other DAW I know of. So each users experience can be quite unique.

I suppose the generic answer would be those tools which help you achieve your desired musical results.

Without knowing what you are trying to achieve or what you are starting with it’s not really possible to be more specific. The answers would be quite different for recording a jazz trio, constructing an EDM piece, or using a virtual orchestra to produce an avant-garde symphony.

Also what version of Cubase are you using? Because that will define which tools are even available.