Which 'algorithm' do you all think the best suitable for monophonic vocal tuning?

I see the option on top of my vocal variaudio tap, stating ‘elastique Pro - Time’ but there are many options I just realised!

Does it all differ?
if so, which one should I go with for my vocal tuning?

With the elastique Algorithms there are really only 3 modes that focus on different aspects. And then each of those has 3 variants. The main difference is that there is a tradeoff between Time & Pitch.

The Pro mode lets the Formant change along with the Pitch, while the Pro Formant mode preserves the original Formant. The 3rd mode is just to save CPU at the expense of quality.

The Time variant optimizes for Time not Pitch where the Pitch variant optimizes for Pitch over time.
The 3rd variant, Tape, emulates changing tape speed so the Pitch and Speed rise in tandem. This is more for special FX and not tuning a vocal.

Thing is there is no general “best” for what to use since it is dependent on the specific audio - for example is it highly rhythmic or does it have long sustained notes. The only way to really know is give it a try and listen to the differences - you need to use your ears to determine which sounds best on your specific material. It is also quite possible that the Pitch & Time variants will produce results which sound almost identical. But it is dependent on the audio itself.

The explanation in the manual describes the options pretty clearly. But it is all an abstraction until you let your ears make the decision.

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