Which Audio Interface? (Analogue)

I need to get an Audio Interface for my analogue setup (desk).
The Realtek card in the isnt up for it (to many annoying problems).
All I need is for all sounds coming out of the pc (Cubase, Internet, Cd drive ect.) to go to my powered desk.
Also I need to go back Into the Pc from the desk.
A couple of extra inputs (such as mic) would be useful aswell.

I guess this is a very standard set up.

But there are lots of Audio Interfaces out there -
Which one?

Steinberg UR22 (£100)
Focusrite Saphire (£159) or Scarlett (£199)
Motu Microbook (£195)

or any of the others?

Any first hand knowledge out there??

In the price range that you mention, I think you should just take a good look at

  • does it have the inputs and outputs that you need.
  • does the interface have a driver that is updated regularly.
  • if USB, does it work with the new USB3.0 ports even if the device itself is USB 2.0?
  • does it support the bitdepth and samplerates you need?

They all have decent converters and preamps, no problem.

Just got a UR22 Audio interface. All the sound from Cubase is heavily muffled and keeps cutting out! Then it crashes Cubase every time.
I Guess I’ve got to take it back to the store and try a different make. (Thought that a Steinberg product should work ok).

Dont get one!!!

Sounds like something is wrong there. Did you select the steinberg ASIO driver in Cubase?

Certainly, there is something not right.
You can either take it back of course, it should work ok.
But maybe you can detail the way you had it setup, connections and so on?

Hi. I must have had it plugged into a USB 3 hub. It didn’t like it very much.
However, the ur22 seems to have a bit of crackling noise going on. (Even when the desk is muted).


Do you get the crackling just when using Cubase, or regardless of what you’re doing?
If the former, try increasing your buffersize a bit in device setup.
From the reviews I’ve read, the UR22 is very good, so something is probably wrong in your setup.

USB3-ports are a problem for most usb2 audio interfaces unfortunately, as you have noticed by now.

Again, describe how you set it all up, details please. The UR22 should be a decent interface, indeed from what we all can read. There must be something in your setup or otherwise your interface is somehow malfunctioning but that should not be a problem either because you can return stuff that is not working like its supposed to.

I get the noise no matter what I’m doing. The output on the UR22 doesn’t have any effect.
Doesn’t matter where I plug it into my mixer or what leads I use. Its really noisy.
I have made a recording of the noise but don’t know how to post it here.

Here is the set up -

I use the UR22 for my analogue set-up.
Ur22 usb connection.
My Souncraft Spirit powered desk - line input (l and r jacks) from output of Ur22.

What else do you need to know?

ps I have been reading some post and I’m not the only one who gets a earthy buzzy noise from this unit.
Ive tried find out where the source of it is.

Pc details - Windows 7 professional. Service pack 1

Intel Core i7 - 2600k CPU @3.40 Ghz 3.70 Ghz
16 Gb Memory
64 bit

Just to clarify… you’ve plugged it directly into your computer via USB (not to a hub) correct? Also to clarify, have you tried changing the USB port you plug into on your computer? Some USB ports are not equal to others (meaning that some might be in series with others, and changing ports might make a difference depending on mother board design).

You might also try disabling your other audio drivers in windows, and selecting the UR22 (and Steinberg driver) as your default. There are lots of potential variables here, and it’s more likely to do with your setup and your particular computer’s windows idiosyncrasies than the interface itself.

Also, try hooking the UR22 directly to your monitor speakers to eliminate any issues with your mix console routing chain. Basic troubleshooting–remove all extraneous stuff and see if the problem still exists, then go from there.

Is the UR connected to the mixer by balanced cables?
Is there maybe a groundloop somewhere in your signal chain?
Like SLD wrote, start with a minimal setup to see where or when the noise problem starts.

Yeah, also what he said… :slight_smile: Balanced cables are a must assuming your mixer supports them.

And at the risk of stating the obvious (apologies if I’m insulting your intelligence) but also make sure that your impedence levels match between inputs and outputs–meaning that you aren’t trying to hook a line level signal up to a mic level input, etc…

Plugged directly into the computer (not a hub).
Tried changing Usb ports.
Have disable all other audio drivers.
Haven’t bypassed my mixing (powered) console yet.

The mixer does support balanced cables but I don’t know how to tell if my 1/4 inch Jack leads are balanced or not.

Balanced jacks are ‘stereo’ jacks: Tip - Ring - Sleeve. Unbalalanced only have tip and sleeve (guitar cable for instance). Signal for balanced is on tip and ring, with sleeve connected to the cable shield.