Which audio monitors are you guys using? (#2)

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You just said that because you want free cake, but if you respond to this message you will be congratulated to 1500 posts so prepare to bake or buy! :mrgreen:

Where’s my piece?

ADAM A7 with ADAM Sub-10

Quested V2108 :slight_smile:



An old pair of Adam A 5 here.

still happy with my Mackie HR824

Monitors are a very personal choice and if you ask 20 engineers what they use you’ll quite often get 20 different answers :slight_smile:

One thing I would say, your room and treatment is the first thing to sort out, don’t even start thinking about decent monitors until you’ve sorted your room out. I’ve recently moved into my new studio and even though my old place was fairly well treated the difference in my new place is astounding, this is with the same equipment.


Totally agree with that.

My current, and new-ish room is more or less triangular in shape. So much better than the cube I used to be in! :sunglasses:

Aloha H,
Even tho’ I have not used/heard them for over a year
because of your post I pulled out my 824’s and gave a listen.

Just as I remembered.
Very nice monitors but tricky/deceptive in the lower ranges.


They seem to be very sensitive to environment and positioning!

Yamaha HS80’s. :sunglasses:

I’m still using KRK RP6’s.

Well - I do not have a big budget, so I put away some money monthly until I can afford a good pair of monitors.

In the mean time I try to manage with a pair of M-Audio AV-40.

Certainly not the greatest, but better than a pair of desktop toy speakers I guess…

Yamaha HS80M

Same here.




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