Which audio monitors are you guys using? (#2)

Aloha guys,

I asked this question about 18 months ago.

Just checking to see if anyone has changed and why?

(I am still using Genelecs).

Since redoing my control rooms acoustics I have far less need to switch between various monitors :sunglasses:

I’ve got M-Audio BX5a’s in the untreated “studio” (finished basement), check for details on Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones, and check for overall balance in a 1996 Civic, a 2000 Subaru Outback, and a 2009 Audi A4. The Civic is low-end mid-rangy, the Subaru is “high end” – overemphasized highs, and the Audi sounds better than the BX5a’s. If the mix sounds ok on all of them, I figure it’s close to balanced. Thinking of an upgrade… the Civic is getting old!

Genelec 1032A
Auratone 5S

Also having a pair of M-Audio BX5a:s, but they are my living room sound system.

Our drummer who works in a music shop here sold me a pair of Mackie HR624 MK2s for a price I coud’nt resist, I’m very happy with them. They have a lovely round bottom end (insert a joke here) and sound very natural to me. They reproduce guitar sounds very well also.


Event ASP8
KEF Reference 1s

Hafler M5 Reference
Hosa QZS-8
JBL Studio Monitor 4410

Adam A7X here… :smiley:

Yammy’s HS80M’s here

I’ve been promising myself a monitor upgrade for years now but I’ve found nothing as average as my Wharfedale Diamond 8.2 Pro Active Studio Speakers. I can hear enough detail to get consistently good mixes that sound good on most other half-decent systems. Having recorded in studios with gob-smackingly great sounding monitors, only to be disappointed when listening at home etc., this is the route I chose to take. Average monitors that reveal sufficient, not superior, detail and stereo image does it for me. I also use my car stereo as a backup monitoring space :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Using the Yamaha HS50 and the TANNOY Reveal 6 (passiv).


One thing you really have going for you with your setup is knowing the sound of your room and what comes out of your speakers and how that translates to other systems. Your reports are not out of the ordinary.

These may by up someone’s alley. Was talking to warren about getting these for playback in my live room, replacing my 2.1 setup currently out there.


I had a woofer start to go bad in one of my solo6 monitors a number of months ago. I canceled sessions till I had replaced both woofers, one in each channel, and let them break in. I know how tuned into a room with a certain speaker someone can get, so i chose to wait. Instead of sitting a few hours getting to know a different set of speakers.

Mackie HR824

Main - Event ASP8s
Secondary - Event 20/20bas
Third (not hooked up yet - but will use for 1 more ref point) - cheap pair of Samsons.

Tied together and switch back and forth with Audient Zen console.

quested 2108’s here :slight_smile:


very underrated monitors, you have to spend a lot of money to get better than this.


Still using Alesis M1 520’s.
Still quite happy considering they’re dirt cheap compared to most monitors.

still using my “old” Geneloc 8040’s…

Tannoy Reveal 8D here, bought in 2006 I think.

First Tannoy decided they needed something big to go with the 5D and the 6D and started manufacturing and selling 8D for list price $799 … a piece, but nobody sold them for anything else than $699. Soon afterwards Tannoy decided to keep the smaller ones but get rid of the 8D so the price dive bombed to $900 … a pair. Then I bought! :sunglasses:

Half a year later the monitors were dropped from all shops! oh, well

I can sit forever without getting ear fatigue, but I don’t because I know your hearing gets funny after a while, so no long mixing sessions anymore! Been there, done that! :blush: Great for tracking, playing, practing and just listening though.

The 8D sounds fantastic for playing well mixed CDs!!! Those CDs sound great anywhere you play them. With a little reference library like that I starting to know and learn how the monitors behave. Every day I’m getting a little better … at least on those monitors. BTW when something ISN’T properly recorded/mixed you WILL hear that haha. That’s the “reveal” part.

I have no plans to get any other ones for the foreseeable future. :sunglasses:

Cool, real-world monitoring. I use a Nissan Bluebird with factory speakers as my final reference. A bit peaky at 2.5kHz which is rather unfortunate as my vocal also has an annoying bite at that same frequency. :confused: But I allow for that :wink:
Otherwise I think my next monitoring purchase should probably be an iPOD. :sunglasses: