Which CMC units to use with CC121

I just received my CC121. I really enjoy using it with C5.5 & 6.5. I’ m going on the assumption it will integrate with C7 after the January “fix”. Which one or two CMC units do you use to compliment the CC121 or think will work well with it in C7? I will be using this setup to replace my Mackie Control. Thanks for any opinions.

So no one has any experience with the combination? :frowning:

I don’t have have a CC121, but i do have a CMC TP, which i believe has many of the same transport functions.

I use it with a QC (quick controls and EQ controller) and a CH (channel controller), and i like this combo alot. It’s eliminated alot of areas where i used to use a mouse, and this is huge, because RSI is a real concern for me.

One of my favourite things about the CMC panels is the user-defined function keys; lots of custom key bindings that require two hands on the keyboard i can now do quickly and more efficiently using CMC function keys – the QC has 4 one-button function keys (along with four more shift-button function keys).

I’m thinking about getting one or two fader panels, but not totally sold on the idea yet.


PS: the CMC-QC EQ controls have not yet been set up for use with Cubase 7.

In the hardware forum, SB has made what looks like a promise that this functionality will be included eventually, but until it is, might be worth holding off on this panel – glenn

I use a CC121 with 2 CMC-FD units.

Basically, the CC121 handles the most important - though not all - of the functions the CMC units do except for the PD (Pad unit) and of course the multiple channel faders on the FD.

I also prefer the layout of the 121. More “console” like.

The FD units touch faders take a bit of getting used to.
I also wish they had any kind of readout indicating which channels are which fader.
Though this is indicated on the screen (with little white bars), it’s gets tough - even with just 8 faders - to jump quickly to the correct fader. Also, hidden but adjacent channels in the mix console are still controlled, making it even more confusing. I find myself counting up: 1, 2, 3, 4, OK. The bass is number 5.

Thanks guys for getting the discussion going!. I had been leaning toward a couple of the fader units but am intrigued by the programmable function keys. As to the CMC function buttons, cant they be used with 3rd party plugins?
I’ m a big believer in company integration of hardware and software, so I hope we can keep the interest on these forum’s strong enough that SB will find continued investment worthwhile.

I love using the CC!21 in C5.5 & C6.5. The think I miss the most, comparing to the Mackie Control, is the number of channels which can be affected at once. But I’ve always had to have the MC to one side, physically, where now I’ve got the CC121, front & center - no more turning my head back & forth while mixing!
I just started using the CC121 with Wavelab7, not as intuitive but useful none the less. I might make some sort of template overlay, unless SB… :smiley: