Which control surface will follow track selection?

Currently, I am using a Presonus Faderport 16 in MCU/Cubase mode. It works quite well, but the annoying part is having to bank select on the control surface so that it matches the track I am working on. This means that I can’t just quickly look at it and grab the fader…instead, I have to bank around till I find it.

Is there a different surface (such as the new Avid S1) that would follow my track selection?


I made a feature request post for this exact reason. Mackie Controller - auto banking

I also find this quite frustrating.

Along with my single mackie control fader I use a Console 1 fader in my setup, and that follows track selection perfectly. Dom Sigalas made a vid about it on youtube as well.

I voted for it! Coming from Logic I was used to the controller following the bank. Oh well.

But yeah a friend of mine using Logic made me a bit jealous when he told me how it worked.

New ECON based AVID Controller follows track selection fine!

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Steinberg single fader CC121 does that. And it also work fine with mixer surfaces like MCU in parallel.


I have sold my Faderport and ordered the S1. Thanks for letting me know!