Which cpu (PC Setup) Should i Choose With Cubase 13

Hey there, So i have cubase 13 and right now an intel 4900k Cpu.

Of course it’s outdated for what I use and the music I create. (Full giga projects)

I want to buy a new one and my question is this:
While MAC Studio’s and M1-M2-M3 Chips are doing super great and i know it, i want to pay half the price and get something as great and close to them as possible so…
In a PC world Which latest CPU might actually do a great job?
I have some in mind like
AMD) 7950X or 7950X3D
Intel) 14900k

We might need actually to discuss Windows too, but listening to people’s experiences I would probably stay Windows 10 till 11 get better.

Could anyone please advice further? Could developers bring some light to this as well cause I’m pretty sure they know far better what works and what does not.
Thank you very much

I wouldn’t say that, Windows 11 working fine here.

My standard advice is to take a look at several sites that custom build PCs for use as DAWs and see what they’re using. Not only do they keep up with the latest tech, you can also get a good sense of the current price vs. performance dynamic. Plus they test components to see how well they will function with realtime music applications.

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W10 and one of the 7950x would be perfect. Or wait for the 8950x, which will arrive soon. But especially work with NVMe with fast random IO (990 4TB for instance) if you have many files; and size enough RAM (64 or 128GB) for your VST instruments.

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… and, of course, it depends on what you want to do. The demo projects that come with Cubase 13 all play fine on one of my 12-year-old ThinkPads running Windows 11.


Still using a 2016 i7-6700K and it rarely breaks a sweat. One would need to go out of their way to get a bad PC, these days. Avoid bargain basement units and anything mid-market and up should be good to go.

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I would go for an Asus z790 motherboard with i9 13900k. This is a widely used combination that works very reliably for DAW. The 14th generation from Intel doesn’t seem to work with Cubase 13. Look here in the forum.
In addition, AMD processors, for example, often have problems with UAudio hardware.
So it’s important, to consider the entire setup.
And: any actual PC is enough for a few audio tracks and cheap VSTi s. For 50-60VSTi s and xx audio tracks with HiClass plug-ins you need a racing machine. So, it is very important to be aware, what you will do……
It make no sense, to go with win10, because it will end soon, and there is no reason for, win 11 is stable, newest cpu is better supportet, i heard. I’m working with win11 23h2, CB 13 pro, heavy Projects, nearly every day, 10 hours a day……rock solid…nearly no crashes…That’s how I see it,

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I recently did a build on
intel 14700k, air cooling Deepcool Assassin IV
Asus Z790 TUF Gaming motherboard.
System on a new M2 disk
Libraries on the second m2 disk
samples, on HDD

Everything flies. But you need to pre-configure the system

P.S. I think 14700k is overpowered right now, I have not had a single project fail to load it.
Whether it’s mixing or writing music

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The end of Win10 will be on October 14, 2025. So, I’ll stick with what I have for a bit.

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I already try to replicate or just let websites like SCAN take control of this situation I’m just not sure if i completely trust them too. Thanks for letting me know your Windows 11 at least works for you btw!

Can i ask if you mean BIOS pre-configuration and give a bit more details?

I’m using no UA Hardware Just RME. And there is so much GREAT feedback from AMD people that I think it influenced me, considering that it won’t burn itself to the ground as well. If I ‘hate’ Intel for one reason (the only thing I ever used is Intel btw) is because their CPU GOES BLAZING.
Also i didn’t know this about 14900k I will for sure do some research!
Its true that it makes no sense to go 10 for more than a year or something but till now my windows 10 are stable enough when i heard that most of the times windows 11 are not.
I was hoping that in a year or something windows 11 will be more stable and have fixed things

I understand. My projects are just super heavy in more than Libraries and instruments. I use a ton of plug-ins, power-hungry ones, and maybe some normal ones as well.

8950x Should be here soon it is true (and if it has 25% better performance than 7950x it would be massive), but will most programs be compatible with it? Cubase, plugins, etc? That is something I’m also trying to consider.

CPUs have backcompatibility; old programs can run on new hardware; but if your program is compiled to use new instruction it won’t run on old CPUs.

i mean mostly in terms of drivers compatibility rather than projects. Usually the VSTs plugins instruments even daws need to adjust to new hardware especially if the change is massive.

I wish you success and luck in making the right decisions for your dream machine

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I didn’t touch bios, only thing that I did there, was disable WiFi and internal audio (Realtek).
Oh, forgot. I’ve also update firmware.

That’s all with bios.

pre-configure the system - I mean Windows, disable all power save options & etc.

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thank you!