Which Cubase(s) was"Reverb B" in? I need it back LOL!

So I found a way to access a crashed hard drive that I had tucked away…found some cool tracks that I wanna fix up/clean up.

They were on SX3 though and I’m currently on C6.5. When I load the tracks in C6 I can get everything loaded except two plugins…one is more important to me than the other…Reverb B. Obviously C6 doesn’t have it anymore as its evolved to Reverence and Roomworks.

I have a disk of Cubase AI4 at a friend’s place. I’d hate to get it back, install, and NOT see it though. Do I have to get SX3 back? Will it even run on my OS (W7 x64)??

I have a laptop with Vista…but its super slow. Also, W7 has XP Mode but I’ve read XP Mode cant access ur PCI slots and I run audio through an EMU 1212m PCI :imp:

Anyways…any ideas? Wish I could just download a .dll of Reverb B but I don’t see that happening at all.

It´s on the ftp dserver. The link to the ftp is posted several times over the forums, try the search, or simply ftp://ftp.steinberg.net

That is so awesome!! Someone else did point me there from another thread but I dont think it was as extensive. I think it was just effects. I grabbed the Reverb B.dll and am good to go.

What’s nice about u sending me this is I see that D’Cota is also up there. I know that’ll come in handy loading up some other older tracks.

Thanks again…its like walking down memory lane seeing all those plugs again LOL.