Which Cubase version I have to buy to get licence for Cubase SX3

Now there are available 3 versions of Cubase: Pro, Artist or Elements. Which of then will give me a licence for Cubase SX3 also?
The Cubase Artist is the best choice for my needs but I want be sure I’ll can install Cubase SX too. I need to open my very old projects made about ten years ago.

Plese help :slight_smile:


Cubase Pro.

Why do you want Cubase SX, is it to convert old songs to work in a newer version of Cubase, if so then I am sure SX is a free download to all other Cubase users. correct me if this has changed.

No, you’ve always needed a Cubase Pro license to use Cubase SX. The lower tier versions wont work.

Yes the download is free - even for non Cubase users. But the answer to the OPs question is the one I posted before.

is there any way to convert ATARI song files without having a license that will authorize cubase SX3?
i have cubase 2.0 for ATARI; i also have a license for cubase 5 VST/32 for MAC; and also have a license for Cubase SL2; and also have a license for Cubase Elements 8; these products were given to me by friends; they are legitimate licenses and i have the documentation to prove it but i am unable to authorize cubase SX3 to do song conversion; will the song conversion work with Cubase SL2? is there anyway i can pay to upgrade my SL2 License to an SX3 License for the purpose of converting my ATARI Files?

Since you own it - how abou you simply trying it, and tell us…?!

Yes - as posted 5 months ago already - buy the upgrade to Pro 10.

i was trying to communicate with othe cubase users taht have experience with ATARI song files;
if you dont have experience; im not interested in your opinions or comments.

I answered your question - we´re on a public forum, if you don´t like my posts - ignore them.