Which Dev platform for Cubase

Hello Cubase gurus,

Does anyone of you know what kind of dev platform is using Steinberg to build Cubase for its 2 targeted platforms, Osx and Windows ?
And which libraries to manage all these USB drivers ?


A PC and a Mac no doubt.

The Framework it is programmed in ?

They are using Qt (You hear people refer to it as ‘cute’).

Edit: This may be incorrect, see below. :slight_smile:

Thanks you confirm some other input, I am very interested in the nice controls they use for equalizer features, displaying 2D (or 3D) views adjustable by directly moving the graphic elements (curves or points) or buttons above the diagram.

Daniel @ Steinberg here states that Dorico (and also Wavelab in some way) do use Qt, but Cubase does NOT use Qt:


That’s from 2016, does it still apply, as I heard/read a while back that Cubase used it since v9/v9.5 i think? If that’s incorrect then apologies.

If it’s not that then it’s probably just bitmap/raster UI they’ve developed themselves as development for the UI must go years and years back? Would explain the limited scaling for HiDPI in Cubase, as using Qt attempts to be a bit smarter dynamically.

Never used Dorico, i just google image searched it (https://ocl-steinberg-live.steinberg.net/_storage/asset/66283/storage/PNG_extra-large_5500px/66283-extra-large.png)
It’s quite a different interface isn’t it - more modern/vector based look to it, i think you’re right in that Qt isn’t used in Cubase. Perhaps C10.5 may bring some excitement to the UI?

Sounds like you’re writing your own DAW, or some similar audio program. Are you developing in C++? If so, here are a few free cross platform UI libraries that might be of use.


Interesting, no I am not writing my own DAW, too much work, I have already spent too much time on this kind of project.
I simply found an UI for a guitar pedal made with WxWidget and found it really old fashion regarding what we see in Cubase, so I tried to find a better tool, but no more dev :wink:
Anyway thank you for this list.