Which device supports Cubase Elements 10 for recording?

An example:
How to stop recording for voice-over when you do not speak using foot press.

An example:Philips LFH5220/03


Honestly, I don’t know any of the devices, but…

I don’t know exactly, what data does it send out. But if it sends a common Key strokes, then it will work with Cubase.

This definitely behaves as a “keyboard” or “mouse”, so this will work with Cubase.

Thank you for the information.
Q: Which stroke is used for this executed task?
It means I have to connect a programming button inside device and execute Cubase Elements 10. I try to stop recording using foot and recording will stop or move further.


The easiest way of find assigned Key Command to a function in Cubase is to trigger the function and then immediately open Key Command window. The last triggered function is selected and you can find, if any Key Command is assigned.

Can you post an instruction how to open Key Command window?


Edit > Key Commands.

Thank you for the information.