Which drive to install Cubase Artist 12?

I am about to download the files for Cubase 12 Artist .

Before purchase I noted the “Core” files were 1GB and the full content 70GB.

My laptop has limited C drive which cannot cover the full content.

Can I download certain files to the C drive and others to the Data drive?

If so which ones please?

Please run the Steinberg Library Manager before installing the content. Click the gear icon to the top right to set where the content will be installed to by default. If you already installed any content, you can also use this application to move it to your data drive.

The plugins and Cubase will be installed to your C drive. The content and Content Sets will be installed to the folder you set using the Library Manager.

Thanks for your help!!

From the initial list of downloads required, which ones are the plug-ins or is it all that is listed please?


Cubase built in plug-ins are part of Cubase installer, you cannot separate them.

But the plug-ins don’t require much space at your drive. The Libraries are the biggest files.

Many thanks again!!

So the file at the top called “Cubase Artist 12.0.30 - Application (required)” that is 602.65MB contains all the plug-in files?

There is one other file that has the title including the word “Application” and that is called “SpectraLayersOne 8.0.20 - Application (recommended)” - Does this one need to be on the C drive please?

Thanks again in advance for your help!!



Yes, C drive required.

Thanks again Martin.

Are they the only ones that need to go on the C Drive?


HALion Sonic SE Instrument, Groove Agent Instrument and Padshop Instrument too, please.

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Thanks again Martin.

There is also Retrologue Instrument that I have placed on the C Drive too.

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