Which Drum Library?

well I’m getting sick of listening to hundreds of samples all the time, thinking about purchasing a library. which ones do you guys like/use? I do all sorts of music and flexibility is really important to me.

I assume any library will have multiple velocities as a given, but are they all recorded dry? I was looking at steven slate website and it seems those aren’t dry?

anyway dryness is really important to me, any recs?

I use Natural Drum Kit (formally Natural Studio) for the dry stuff that needs to be extremely accurate. http://www.naturaldrum.com/

I’ve heard good results with EZ Drummer, Steve Slate, etc.

that looks like exactly what I’m looking for, and they seem so obscure?

hope they ship :smiley: 20gb download…

Take a look at Addictive Drums.

More on the percussive side of things, i use Ethno world 4. which i use in Kontakt 4.

Best i ever heard if thats the kinda way your inclined.

BFD2 is my first choice. SD 2.0 is my close second.


EZ Drummer here.

bfd2 is the business. plus you can get add on libraries like nice yamaha kits for about £25. i use it a lot from the keyboard and also from a yamaha electronic drum kit. very complex once you get into the details but worth the effort.
and also has integration with drumagog if you use that…
p.s. i bought steven slate ex drum library and my clients and i have found it really disappointing (and clunky, since it uses kontakt player and each drum sound takes up a lot of space onscreen). we always go back to bfd2.

ToonTrack: Superior Drummer® 2.0 :smiley:


Does anyone here have experience of using any of these with Cubase and a set of v-drums?

More specifically, if it’s easy to set up things like the hihats and cymbal chokes. so far I’ve been experimenting with Groove Agent One and can get the Steinberg included kits going in a basic wasy, but they’re not not exactly set up to fully exploit the v-drums as a controller, and the bundled kits don’t cover things like the bow and edge of the cymbals. I can sort the basic note mapping , it’s the fancy bits I haven’t worked out yet. There’s also the issues discussed at length in other threads about copying + pasting sounds etc on GAOne which make it a bit of a faff to set up.

Which is better set up for this sort of thing - BFD2 or SD2? I’ve read lots of differing views so far…

Also, any tips for using GAOne + V-drums?

bfd2 works well with my yamaha dtxpress iv special kit. but it takes a bit of work to set up. bfd2 forum has a lot of info on the subject.

Thanks for that Ed.
I had a look on that forum, and yes there’s a lot of info.
Still mulling it over…