Which external mixer or control surface

If I have missed a link about the above my apologies, please point me in the right direction.

I am trying to find a mixer or control surface that will integrate properly with Cubase 8. It would be great to be able to afford Nuage, thought I doubt my parents would be much impressed if I tried to sell their house to fund it.

I would welcome your thoughts and experiences.



There’s too many. To suggest anything, it would be good to know

  1. Your budget
  2. Your requirements

Hi there

Hopefully under 2k, the ability to control at least 16 channels, It would be good to be able to use it in a live environment but that is an added extra.
I want to be able to record multi tracks and mix them, my eyesight will find that easier with a mixer rather than lots of movement with a mouse.
Thanks for your reply

One point I forgot to add is that I am using a Sapphire Pro 40 and OctoPre giving me 16 channels into a I7, 32 gig ram win 7 pc.

Controllers (not stand-alone mixers, no I/O):
With less than 2k ($), you should be able to get Mackie Control Universal + MackieControl XT.
With about 1k you should get Icon QCon Pro + Icon QCon EX.

Both combinations give you 16+1 faders and 16 rotary encoders. They both are used by many Cubase users and should be relatively trouble-free.

At 2k you should be able to get Behringer X32 compact, but in this price range, that may be all. I don’t think any other < $2k mixer has DAW controlling capabilities.

Thanks, I thought that would be the case



I wonder what the group experience is like with the Avid Artist Control and Avid Aritst Mix Control . All these choices expensive, I am just trying to get it right first time

Again many thanks


Avid Artist series controllers are great once stabilized on the platform. Some people have had issues with initial configuration but once accomplished the integration is deep and effective. The latest release of Eucon has (IMO) been the most stable of the last three releases. I am very satisfied with my Artist controllers and highly recommend them,