Which font in the list corresponds to *player names*?

I’m trying to change the font of the player names at the left of each staff. I’ve figured out how to change other fonts throughout the app, but the player names are proving elusive.

In Setup, they’re called “Players,” but in the Engrave > Font Styles…, there’s no entry in the long list of text elements for “Player.” (Screenshot attached.) I’ve already tried several, but no matter what, I can’t get the player names to change.

Which item in the list corresponds to “Players”?

soundsgood, habe you tried changing the Default Text Font?

This is not a font style but a paragraph style. Look for ‘Staff Labels’ in the Paragraph Styles dialog.


Not sure how these labels are considered “paragraphs,” and not sure why this font setting would be separate from all the rest of the font settings, but thanks for letting me know!