Which Glyph for glissando?

@ Daniel at Steinberg
Creating a SMuFL font I can’t find out which Glyph are used for the ornaments Glissando (Wavy) and Glissando (Straight)?
I have imported the glyph “wiggleGlissando” U+EAAF from Bravura but it does not work.

At the moment, in fact Dorico uses the regular trill wiggle (U+EAA4) for both normal-speed trills and glissandos.

Thanks Daniel, your answer prevents me to try all the trills one by one :wink:

But in fact I do have the wiggleTrill at U+EAA4 in the font but the Glissando does not work!
Could it be that Dorico uses another one?

Glissandos are drawn in a special way, so it will depend what exactly you’re trying to do and how you’re trying to do it.

Well in a score I simply use the Symbol in the Ornaments panel let say from c3 to a2 between two whole notes.
What I am interested into is to fill up the font with all necessary glyphs to cover any kind of glissando situation.
BTW also with a straight line.
Are all wiglleTrills then necessary from U+EAA0 to U+EAA8?
And which glyphs are necessary for the straight line?

The straight line doesn’t draw using a font character, of course.

The trill wiggles are used for trills of varying speeds and for glissando lines.

OK, thank you