Which impedance of headphones is ok for UR22C?

I’m going to buy Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones and it has 3 options of impedance: 32 Ohm, 80 Ohm and 250 Ohm.
Which option should I take to get the optimal quality for UR22C?

Thank in advance for the answer

I’d go for the 250 Ohm personally.

All Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro will work just fine on your Ur22C! But I’d go for 250 ohm version. The lower the impedance, the higher output you’ll get. But also …less ohm means less control from the amplifier’s side on damping of low frequencies! So low impedance headphones (below 250 ohm) in general means higher output but also lower quality of sound. So It’s up to you how loud you need to go? In general 250 Ohm is the standard for quality headphones and are usually loud enough to work on any heads out on any audio interfaces?: Most interfaces are calibrated for use of 250 Ohm headsets. So again, go for the 250 Ohm version.

This is probably late, but since I’ve had some experience on the (kinda) exact combo you’re suggesting (I’m using the UR22 mkII - non-C) I’ll give it a shot. I found that the volume was a little bit lacking and preferred hooking up an extra amplifier for the headphones so I’m able to monitor at loud level. Maybe I listen at unreasonably loud volumes, but that’s definitely how I felt.

Hi, even though ur reply was late it can be helpful for other like me :slight_smile: I’m in this exact situation (but with ur24c) and am wondering what amp you use. Thanks :slight_smile:

I use the dt770 250ohm with the ur816c and no problem with not loud enough levels.

I have UR22 MKII. Did you buy DT 770 in the end? What impedance did you opt for and what was your verdict of the sound quality? I also use headphones directly in the laptop socket for editing/mixing to conserve battery so would need to work there too.
Also the build? I require robust headphones. Past bad experiences with other brands of strong-looking headphones with metal components that foolishly attach to nasty weak plastic bits that snap. Also poor strain relief and fatigued cable cores are a problem. Prefer replaceable cable or at least a proper thick one like the old 1/4" jack leads. Thank you.

the output is weak as im sure you found out. dont go 250ohm or anything like that. i have a pair of DT 990 PRO and i love them greatly. Worthless practically out of this interface. now i have more standard pair like my status audio cb-1s that I think sound amazing along with my crummy little edifier powered “monitors” i use. It’s a great little interface but the headphone output is lacking and i wish that i could find a way to boost it without a pre\post\amp (muddy waters) type deal. 32 is ideal no more than 80 ohm from the other post i read here and agree with.