Which Impulses are in the Vintage Verb Collection

I think I have them, but I can’t find a list of all of them anywhere? Are they somehow grouped inside Media Bay?


hi, i tried to find what is that “vintage verb collection” it doesnt appear at reverbs library, mediabay etc… so would be usefull if steinberg o anyone explain us, what/where are that content ?

You and me both :slight_smile:

The spring IRs are in the vintage verbs

Sorry. How do I find them exactly?

Theyre presets in the Reverance reverb

Ah ok. And which presets belong to the vintage verb selection? I checked and it’s not obvious to me. Tia.

On an older forum thread apparently you can find them under the name vintage verb collection:

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Ok thanks. I can search for vintage verb and something comes up. Where does this family names show? Isn’t obvious in my GUI at least.

if you go in to Reverence - hit browse - then make sure you’re seeing the filters by hitting window layout and then filters.

Then add Family name to the results by hitting the cog and choosing ‘family name’ from media.

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Thank you so much for your patience. That makes sense to me now.

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