Which interfaces are working with VST System Link?


I was wondering, if we could make some kind of list of soundcards and interfaces, which are confirmedly working in a VST SYSTEM LINK environment. I think, for some people it might be a good option to connect two older computers (or more) using VST System Link, instead of buying a new computer every two years…Also it`s a great option for recording studios.

It would be nice, if you can report here something like: I used interface A with VST System Link and it works…" something like that.
Hope you can help me out to go completing this list:

Here is a list of interfaces confirmed by users (updated 31 March 2011):

  • E-mu 1616m: working
  • M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96 (S/PDIF): working
  • Realtek ALC889 (S/PDIF onboard on Gigabyte H55-UD3H motherboard): working
  • RME Digiface (with ADAT) : working
  • STEINBERG MI4 (with SPDIF) - not working
  • TC Electronic Konnekt 24D (with S/PDIF): working

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RME Digiface (with ADAT) : working


TC Electronic Konnekt 24D (with S/PDIF): working
Realtek ALC889 (S/PDIF onboard on Gigabyte H55-UD3H motherboard): working

I have mentioned also my onboard soundcard because it’s funny that you can run two versions of Cubase (I’ve successfully tried Cubase 5 and Cubase Studio 4) simultaneously on the same computer and link these two instances with VST System Link. One instance of Cubase can use the outboard soundcard and the other Cubase can use the onboard one. It can be sometimes useful to use this setup with 32bit versions of Cubase when you are on 64bit Windows because this way you can utilize two times the amount of RAM available to one 32bit application. VST System Link on one computer actually works as a sort of ReWire. And you needn’t be worried about the quality of your onboard soundcard since no A/D conversion takes place in it.

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What advatage does VST Sytem Link have over FX Teleport :question:

FX Teleport is dead, its development stopped 4 years ago, so it cannot be used on 64bit systems. A viable - and admittedly more powerful - alternative to VST System Link nowadays is Vienna Ensemble Pro. However, if you already have two soundcards with digital I/O, then a Cubase Essential licence (for the second computer) is cheaper than VE Pro.

In addtition, with VST System Link, you are not limited to VSTi and FX features.
VST System Link is the most accurate way to sync multiple Nuendo/Cubase workstations together if you need much more power and/or audio tracks for huge projects.
All computers on a VST System Link network are locked with sample-accuracy.
All tracks will remain locked together just as tightly as if they were all running on the same machine. This
means that you effectively have an unlimited track count. Need another 100 tracks? Just add another computer…


M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96 (S/PDIF)
working - rock-solid :smiley:

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Thanks for the information. I will go updating this whenever someone makes an addition.
Go for it! Hope it might be helpful to someone one day.


Just a little bumper to invite you to help complete a list of VST System Link compatible interfaces. ANy help or link is very appreciated.

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One more bumper and a big thank you to the guy, who just sent me some information and helped me updating the list of VSL compatible interfaces. Keep the information coming.

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I just wanted to update the still short list of audio interfaces (from years ago…),
Especially any information about the new Steinberg and Presonus line would be really helpful, any other companies/models are also welcome.

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Tascam US-1641: not working

Add on for the archives…

Confirmed…`Aardvark Q10 audio cards (though company is out of business) work with VST System Link via s/pdif.

I can only ‘assume’ that the other Aardvarks with s/pdif work…and ‘probably’ even the Aark 24 via it’s adat - both unconfirmed though!

Older post, good find :slight_smile: I would have thought Steinberg would have this documented at least as a user knowledge based thing. It took quite a while searching this forum to find it. This post was brought up in another forum.