Which ipad mini for cubasis

The original ipad mini 32GB or the ipad mini with retina display 16 GB?
I’ll be using virtual instruments and recording guitar and bass, probably with irig.
I’d like to use amplitube and sampltank ios.
thanks, Bill

iPad Mini Retina for sure!

Though I went with the iPad Air, the Mini might be too small…

Thanks a lot

Hey bill,

I got the new iPad mini retina display (with lightning port) works a dream, have had cubasis a few days now and it runs BEAUTIFULLY on it, stunning piece of kit :slight_smile:

Thanks, simonsnr, How much memory is in your ipad mini?

It’s got 32gb, I’m guessing the more you have, the less likely you are to run out with cubase and the better it will run. Been having a few issues today with crashes running thumbjam and cubasis together (awesome app for organic sounds btw) but I think it’s because I’ve been pressing too many buttons at once hahaha.
Very impressed with this little iPad, I didn’t actually buy it for writing music on, but very glad I came across cubasis…who needs a computer!!

Oh and though you might think the mini is going to be too small, I’ve not had any issues really, even with my big calloused working mans hands :slight_smile:

Thanks simonsnr. I’m leaning toward original ipad with 32GB.Looking forward to using cubase iC pro.

I would NOT go for original Ipad Mini, the Ipad Mini with Retina is far superior in performance. Checkout the Korg Gadget specs and you will see massive difference in performance between the two
In terms of performance
iPad Mini = Ipad 2
iPad Mini with Retina = iPad Air

I had the original ipad mini … now on a retina. The performance is FAR superior on the retina. I would get glitches, outtages, hit CPU overhead very quickly etc with original mini. I could not work with it which is why I upgraded.

Never been happier now. I would only suggest an ipad mini original if you really cant afford the retina… caveat emptor!


I’m looking at the iPad Mini (Retina) for mobile composing and music production.

Any thoughts out there on how much memory is needed to have a good experience?

And any thoughts on the Retina Mini vs. the iPad Air in terms of size of user interface.

Has anyone found the Mini to be too small?

I’m favoring the Mini for travel, but perhaps the larger one is much better (?)

Thanks for any thoughts!!!

I use the mini retina with Cubasis and other audio apps just fine.

I have the iPad Mini original and yeah, Micrologue does really stress it (not a problem with bouncing/freezing, though). Everything else is fine. I can chuck quite a few Microsonics, nice long reverbs, inserts, with no problems. Korg Gadget is pretty laggy. Nanostudio and Garageband run absolutely fine.

Got Cubasis running on both an old iPad 2 and a mini retina. Running flawlessly on both (using a bunch of synths, iapp fx, guitar into amplitupe, audiobus, sampletank etc). I guess I can press the mini a bit further than the '2, but haven’t really experienced any problems. Only thing: I regret not having bought a 32 GB mini (only bought the 16GB), as you tend to get “gearlust” (the prices for really good apps are so incredibly low, that you simply can’t hold back) and almost get filled up. However, from a reasonable point of view, I got room for what I need, even on the mini.