Which is best for saving/loading template pieces? Presets or Archives?

I’ve saved a ton of empty tracks with loaded instances of Komplete Kontrol and saved them as VST Track Presets. My workflow is that I drag into a new empty project the instances of KK (library+patch) that I want from the Media Bay… however I just watched the new NI video where we can see Alan Silvestri importing Track Archives to build his new project (instead of VST Track Presets like me.)

Does anyone know if there are pros/cons to either approach? Tracks presets vs track archives.
At first I thought I might have lost a ton of time during the “creation” process of building up these preloaded empty tracks by saving each track as a preset… but he’s opening XML files so he probably had to save these archives manually as well? So both methods equal?

Is there anything the Track Preset will save that the Track Archive won’t? Or do they bring in and retain the exact same thing?
*an official answer from Steinberg would be great…


I can’t come to any big difference. Apart from the fact, the project archive (or project, you can even import directly from project, so you don’t have to export the Archive) can store and load also the track data. And you can also make a bigger structure, like using Sends and load even the Send bus with the routing and the plug-ins in the FX Channel at once.