Which Laptop?

Hi All,
I’m getting a secondary 'puter, a laptop so I can do some Cubase work on the road. I have a choice between an i3 with Windows 7 64 bit or an AMD A8 with Windows 8 64 bit. From what I’ve read, Cubase does better with Intel but the problem here is that it comes with the Intel Graphic HD which everyone pretty much agrees is substandard. The A8 comes with Radeon Graphic HD which will run circles around the Intel Graphic. I don’t know if the graphic is even an issue with Cubase so I’d like your opinion on this. I may also be doing a little video editing but I’ve also read that this is more processor intensive than graphic. I appreciate your thoughts!


Hmmm! This link takes me to the Steinberg Hardware part of the forum which has no posts. Is it a mistake or is it saying I’m posting this in the wrong section?

Sorry, should have gone here

Thx! I see that 99% of the posters are going with Intel and most of them are “i” series. I’m assuming most of that percentage are using Intel graphics. I’m glad this all agrees with the Intel choice that I already made. Onward we go!