which low latency audio interface for Win 7 64 bit?

Hi All,

I am now using a firewire based Alesis Mastercontrol which under Windows XP, I was able to play my edrums with 64 samples latency under WinXP. Under Windows 7 64 bit, I can only do 128 samples which is enough to be annoying with the drums.

I am going to redo my computer when the new sandybridge mobos come out (again!) and wanted to see who can get 64 samples or less with Windows 7 64 bit? Is RME the only game in town for this type of low latency?

In a perfect world, I would love to get one interface to record with and use the MasterControll for everything else, but I will do what I have to do. Would love to hear other’s experiences with Windows 7 64 interfaces.

I used to have a (non HDSP) RME 9652 that I was able to get 32 samples latency with under Windows XP 32 bit, so I am hopeful that it can be done with Windows 7 64 bit with something.

Thanks all,