which Mac OS X version works with Cubase SX3 ???

hello guys

i had a Problem with Mac OS X - at first with Cubase SX2 especially bought for
the Yamaha S90ES… (Midi-Drivers for the Yamaha S90ES are there fully integrated in SX3, SX2 i do not know at all!)

and now bought a Steinberg UR242 from OS X Leopard, then SnowLeopard and the updated to Mac OS X Lion for that device.
Now CubaseSX2 will NOT run any more: "OsX Lion doesnot support “PowerMac” applications…

does anyone know, which last MacOS X does run the Cubase SX3 ?

osx Panther 10.3.3 or higher
the last update for sx3 was August 2005, Leopard was not released untill 2007.
i dont think it was ever updated to work on leopard or snow leopard so you would need to run it on a powerpc mac
running panther or tiger - so you would need to run it on a powermac G5 or powermac G4

I run Cubase SX 3 on a PowerPC G4, 1.42 GHz Mac Mini. Mac OSX Leopard 10.5.8. Works like a charm.