Which midi controller for Cubase in 2024 (not keys)

Hi everyone,

This is the regular classic question that comes back regularly… but the 2024 edition. Which midi controller would you recommend in 2024? Especially now that we have the various midi remote scripts available?

I haven’t deep dive yet so much into what is available or feasible with midi remote scripts, but it seems to give a second life to many of the old mcu controllers.

What I’d like to control: 16 mixer and plugins (everything else would be great bonus)

So I’m considering:

  • Faderport 16 (not sure if there is a midi remote script available yet, at least for the auto banking?) - built quality seems there, but no rotary for plugins…

  • behringer x touch + extended (midi remote coverage seems pretty good: auto banking, track colors, plugins or quick controls) - not so sure about build quality and faders noise…

  • icon pro + an extension (I’m lost in all the versions… G2, M, Q the last new ones… not sure how far the midi remote coverage went, for eg. can you get the tracks color, auto banking, plugin control?)

  • ssl uf8 (built quality seem there, not sure if there was any midi remote script yet or if you need to go through their app in every channel. Also pretty expensive and even more if you want 16 channels.

  • mp midi controller (I’m really digging this on paper for plugins, they made a recent video on Cubase support, I’m just unsure how the wrapper is annoying or if you just need to do it once per plugin and you’re good.) But I would grab this one on top of one of the fader/mixer above (which would mean I care less about the plugin support). Any cubase user using this? Are you happy about it and the workflow?

What would you recommend or not recommend? how convenient is 16 channels vs just 8?

Thanks a lot for your help and insights!

I am planning to get the avid dock, I know it is the most expensive one but build quality is the best, eucon system is network based and is faster and more reliable than USB, no need for iPad now because it supports $60 android tablet as well, tons of hot keys, room for expansion.

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Thanks a lot, I didn’t know about this one! I’ll dig into it!

The MIDI Fighter Twister by DJ Tech Tools is the best MIDI controller for plugins, in my opinion. But for faders and the rest, definitely Eucon controllers such as the Avid S1 or Avid Dock.
Then of course, the best app to control Cubase is called “Avid Control,” which is a free Eucon controller for iOS/Android. If you download Avid Control from the app store, you will register for an Avid account and when you do, the Eucon installer software will be in your Avid account.


I would rather try out a single fader controller first. The PreSonus FaderPort 2 costs very little money. Dom Sigalas and many professionals have been convinced by this concept since the introduction of the CC121. There is a script for the PreSonus FaderPort 2 here in the forum that can do much more than the factory version from PreSonus.

Working with a multi-channel controller is often more time-consuming, as you usually use more channels in Cubase than on the controller. Your eyes are constantly rotating between the screen and the controller, and this stress is detrimental to creativity.
A single-fader controller like the PreSonus FaderPort 2 can be operated blindly with the right hand, as it is small and takes up little space next to the mouse. Ergonomically, I think this controller is the best on the market.

I would advise you to try it out. If you still want to invest in a multi-channel controller afterwards, you will then make a better decision about which device to buy.

I would add my vote for the Avid controllers and the Eucon protocol. The 8-channel s1 is a good piece of kit and a cheap Adroid tablet will let you do quite a few things (though some better tablets might feel ‘snappier’). 100% recommend it.

1 vs 8 vs 16 faders: I think this comes down to preference a lot, but I will say that without trying the different amounts of faders you won’t really know what you prefer. I’ve worked on everything from a 1-fader Presonus Faderport (original) to about 48 faders of Pro Tools control. Now I’m using one s1 and I actually find that for some of what I do that’s a bit limiting.

With Eucon and the s1 you can basically assign and “lock” tracks to specific faders and those are called layouts. You can recall those layouts from the s1’s buttons or from your tablet. With the tablet you have a ton of layouts available. Like a lot of them. So this means that if you have for example two s1 controllers you could assign say 8 tracks to specific faders and then leave the rest assignable via bank/nudge buttons. So as you either click/select (if you have that option on) or bank/nudge you get the tracks you want to focus on laid out on one controller, and the other controller keeps specific tracks locked, which for me during a mix could be specific VCA tracks or Group tracks. And then with the press of a button/soft key you change that all up. It’s really very convenient once you get used to it.

Templates help a ton as well.

Add to that macros and key commands etc. available from the tablet.

I should note that the Avid control app for Android / iOS is free and you can just download it and try it out.