Which midi keyboard to buy for cubase?

I need a midi keyboard for cubase and looking for something small which one should i buy i am open to suggestions ?

I will make metal music

There are a few posts on this forum already covering similar questions, I suggest to start/search there first.
Just one recent example:

Answering your question properly will require many more details…

  • budget?
  • pref. for weighted action or synth-like?
  • is 25, 36, 49 keys enough for your usage? or you want the full 88-key bed?
  • pref. for a lot of knobs, faders, pads ?

If you’re new to all this (?) I’d suggest to start with a 2nd hand 49-key like the Akai 249 and see what you like and dislike about it.
With some luck, it could be exactly what you needed… but keyboard preferences is a very personal matter that often evolves over time, so it’s impossible to pick the “best” keyboard for someone else.

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Which Audi Interface are you using ?
I used to have an M-Audio sound card so I bought an M-Audio Axiom
Check the latency of the keyboard before you buy.

Budget is 150-200 dollars i will make metal music and sometimes alternative rock but i wanna play the instruments virtually also if you can suggest me good electric and bass guitar vsts i will be happy