Which order do I install Cubase & E-Licenser ?

I have a New USB dongle and downloaded E-Licenser Software (not yet installed)
and I am downloading the Cubase 10 Pro installation files from the Download Assistant.

One I am ready to install it, should I first install the E-Licenser and then Cubase ?
or Visa-Versa ?

Its a clean install on a clean computer, so I want to get it right (without creating errors)


Elicensor first.

It really doesn’t matter. As long as you keep in mind that once you ‘start’ the software it will search for your license on the dongle? So like balines said…might as well do the activation first.

Thank you :wink:

thanks guys :wink:
all is installed and working fine :wink:
One Question:
now that its installed, I notice I dont need to open the e-licenser software in order to sucessfully open cubase.
Does this mean that Cubase finds my license without me needing to open the e-licencer software each time ?

Basically: now its installed, I dont have to ever open up e-licenser again ? I just open cubase only.

  • is that correct ?

Usually you won’t have to open the elicensor. But sometimes things happen, like my USB ports went to sleep after Win10 update. Trying to use Halion6 in another daw, I got the message that no license found. I do have a license for the full Halion. I just reset the usb settings, then I did have to run the elicensor for maintainence and verification. Everything good since.

Thank you :wink: