Which platform for Cubase 7?

Having recently upgraded to C7 I find my current PC is no longer up to the task.
I’ve been reading countless forums about how C7 behaves with a PC and on a Mac and they both have good and bad points.
I have decided to purchase a new system with a budget of approx £1500, but I need some advice on which platform to go for. My 2 choices are

A new PC on Windows 8 or 7, ASUS P9X79 - Intel X79 Pro Chipset
INTEL i7 3930K - Six Core 3.2Ghz
32Gb DDR3 1600Mhz Quad
New Apple Mac Mini with Mountain Lion (2.6GHz featuring 6MB L3 cache and Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.6GHz., Quad-Core Intel Core i7
16GB 1600MHz DDR3)

All my sounds sources are VST’s Native Instruments (Komplete 8 Ultimate, Motu MachFive 3 and of course Halion 4, Sonic, Neo Sould Keys, GA3, VG2 and plenty of other 3rd party Plugins running with Motu Audio Express External Sound Card so I need a system that is going to be stable and be future proof for a number of years.

I would be interested in other users experiences and advice or recommendations for any other systems i should research before making up my mind.

thanks guys.


for my personal experience, if you have a MOTU hardware go for a mac

motu 828 and ultralite work perfect here on pc

I have a 2 year old dell 8300 XPS i7 quad desktop win 8 pro with 2*24" monitors and a new iMac 27" i5 quad. I run Cubase 7 Artist on both. I use Kontkat Complete 8 on both.

I use the win 8 system to record – The 2 monitors are useful when recording. I also like the way the mixer maximizes to the screen.

I use the iMac to mix. The 27" screen is beautiful and Cubase uses the hi-res well. I don’t even copy the projects to the iMac - I just share the project folders from the win 8 system.

No problems with Cubase 7 on either system.

I would go with the system that will give you at least 2 hi-res monitors, i7 cpu and fast i/o

fyi - I have both focusrite and quad-capture audio devices - both work well in win 8 and OSX + cubase