Which Plug to use to create my own VST Instrument?

Hi all,

I was hoping you could just point me to the right plug-in for the job. I am just settling into Cubase 6.5 and I need to create my own VST Instrument and I don’t know which application I am supposed to use in Cubase to do that. Logic had it’s own software that I was able to easily create my own with.

The instrument I have is all wav files. So something easy to map this like I did in Logic would rock!


Well after some researching it appears that I can do what I need in Kontakt. I like this idea because it doesn’t restrict me to using it only in Cubase.


There are some freeware samplers too:

Vember Audio Shortcircuit http://vemberaudio.se/shortcircuit.php
DiscoDSP Highlife:http://www.discodsp.com/highlife/
Paax Pro http://www.kotkasuniverse.com/paax_index.htm
TX16W http://www.tx16wx.com/