Which program to buy?

Dear All,

This is a before buying question and I need your help please!
I want to buy a program to convert analog sources (audio cassettes, vinyl records), into digital form.
So far I was using an another program but I am not very satisfied.
I want to buy a Steinberg tool for this job.
The use I do is to digitized the analog sources into digital.
For example in an audio cassette I put marks between the songs, I make some minor fixes (like fixing channels left, right, raise the volume if it’s to low etc).
After the audio file is completed I choose all the waveform and I choose an option Burn into CD. The program automatically read the marks I put between the songs and convert them as CD tracks.
A friend of mine told me that to do this work I need the WaveLab Pro.
But another friend of mine told me that to do this job I need the SpectraLayers Pro.
So I am confused!
My question is which of these two tools is more suitable for the work I want to do.
Can you please help me to choose the right one?
Thank you very much in advanced!!

P.S.) Sorry for my English!

WaveLab Pro is indeed the tool you need, perfectly suited for this task (it is used by large archiving companies, for example). SpectraLayers Pro is a great tool but has nothing to see with the needs you describe.

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Thank you very very much for your help!!