Which replacement dongle to buy?

The V4 dongle (pictured), is not available in Australia who only sell the V3. Should i buy the V4 online? Is it technically better? As well as all my Steinberg licences, i have quite a few third party licences on the dongle, which must be 5 or 6 years old. I get frequent errors from my steinberg apps and VST’s when launching. Despite all my maintenance efforts, i think it just needs to be replaced. Please advise!

usb dongles.JPG
usb dongle rev4.JPG

I bought version 4 at StoreDJ last year.
It’s plastic body is 25mm long
Looks the same Colour as the picture.

Good to hear! The other store i tried must have mis-informed me. I’ll call Store DJ tmro, cheers.

I wonder if it’s more sturdy with the shorter body. I don’t think there’s any other improvement though.